Our Process

Your True Wealth is what matters most to you. To optimize your True Wealth, we utilize a unique process to help you organize your financial affairs, develop a vision for your future, and build your plan to achieve meaningful milestones. Your personalized plan is informed by what matters most to you and can include strategies to optimize your cash flow, manage your investment portfolios, provide retirement options, save for education, protect your assets, and more fully align your financial decisions with your bigger vision. We’ll work with you to implement your plan, offer regular review meetings to keep you on track and steward you every step of the way.

Your Vision

We gather and organize information about your financial situation, establish and quantify your personal and financial goals, define your time frame for results, and discuss what matters most to you in building a vision for your future.

Financial Plan

We analyze your information to assess your current situation, including your assets, liabilities, cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments, tax strategies, and estate planning. We then build your custom financial plan and present recommendations to achieve your milestones, moving you toward your bigger vision.

Plan Review and Alignment

We listen to your concerns and revise your planning recommendations to help you make informed decisions that will ultimately lead to greater happiness, fulfillment, and meaning in life. We then implement your plan, coordinating the process with you and other professionals such as attorneys and accountants (as necessary).

Periodic Reviews

We review your plan with you on a regular basis, making adjustments to remain aligned with your milestones and True Wealth.

Annual Meetings

We meet annually to review your financial plan.  We work with you to understand what has changed in your life so that we can update your plan and help you achieve and sustain True Wealth (True Wealth is optimizing not only financial assets but also all the other things that you value in life).

Your Personalized Plan

A financial plan is the foundation of a long-term relationship with your trusted financial advisor. Financial planning is more than investment management, the creation of a retirement plan, or regular portfolio check-ups. Financial planning is the act of preparing for, and prudently addressing life events. It responds to potential events that can drastically alter your long-term financial security. Financial planning also addresses how money and financial wealth can be a resource that serves you and your family in living your happiest, most fulfilled, most meaningful lives.

In developing and implementing your financial plan, particularly in the areas of Health Insurance, Tax Strategies, Charitable, Real Estate, and Estate Planning Strategies; we will collaborate with your existing advisors or other professionals that have long-standing relationships with our current clients. We look beyond the numbers on your balance sheet and seek a shared vision with the goal to strengthen your family and create a successful legacy that will carry on for generations.

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