Transition News

Why the New Name?

It’s our commitment to be informed by what matters most to you.

Looking back, 2016 was a monumental year in our firm’s history. One in which we reached a milestone and reaffirmed our commitment to all the families that we serve by making the important decision to register directly with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) as a Registered Investment Advisor.

Independent financial advisors and the RIA profession represent trust, transparency, accountability and the fiduciary standard. Kantor Financial Group has always been committed to providing advice that is objective and independent of any larger company. The registration with the SEC represents an important milestone in maintaining this commitment.

Earlier this year, Adam Peltzman, CFP®, RHU® and Elizabeth (Liz) Shamir, CFA, CFP® joined the firm. They share our commitment to providing objective and independent advice, and bring with them many years of financial planning experience. We have the utmost confidence that the addition of Adam and Liz will allow us to continue providing the same great service while expanding our capabilities. Our transition, growing team of advisers, and upgrades to technology are important positive changes that position us well into the future.

As the firm grows, it is important that our brand is aligned with our values and commitment to serving our family of clients. Hence, we began to transition our firm’s name from Kantor Financial Group to Certior Financial Group.

Certior is short for the Latin word certiorari which means ‘to be informed.’ As a firm, we are informed not only by the technical knowledge of financial planning and wealth management concepts; but perhaps more importantly, by the things that are most important in life to you.

The name Certior serves as a reminder that our advice and guidance
should always be informed by what matters most to you.

As we continue to grow together, our commitment to each and every family remains steadfast. Our new name, Certior Financial Group, is a dedication to stewarding our family of clients, and to providing high quality objective advice informed by what matters most to you.

We thank you and are grateful for your trust and confidence.